Uncover profitable SEO keywords competitors have no clue about, by mining your untapped Google Ads campaign data on autopilot

Google Ads search campaigns are SEO gem mines, we help you exploit them with intelligent automation.

easy as 1-2-3

How wonpy works

Powerful simplicity

Step 1

Instantly connect your Google search campaigns

Securely connect your Google search campaigns through our easy step by step setup process. It will just take a few seconds!

Step 2

Boom! Wonpy's algorithm will automatically start identifying proven, low competition SEO keywords

Easily discover historically profitable, low competition keywords with significant search volume.

Step 3 (Optional)

Easily order SEO optimized content from a professional content writer

Request SEO optimized articles with a few clicks. We'll deliver fresh content quickly, so you can go ahead and publish it at your blog or website FAST.

A non-traditional keyword tool

What makes wonpy so powerful?​

This is how you'll earn an edge against competitors

Finds keywords your competitors don't actually know about

Wonpy doesn’t rely on the same old keyword data sources traditional keyword tools use, allowing you to identify keywords not present in your competitor’s keyword research reports.​

Identifies golden opportunities on complete autopilot

As a search marketer you won't need to continuously inject seed keywords or competing sites, because you'll be ahead of those!

Uses proven Keyword Metrics, not lousy estimates

Reports on keywords with proven performance data such as clicks, CTR and Conversion Rates in relation to your website, removing the need to trust traditional, unreliable performance projections.​

Calculates Ranking Difficulty Based On your Strength

Keyword difficulty calculations are not based on current SERPs only, but on your website’s current organic strength vs current SERP competitors, making calculations more reliable.​

Allows you to easily order content

Allows you to quickly connect with a professional content writer as soon as you identify keyword opportunities, so you can stop procrastinating and start ranking!

Identifies trending searches not available elsewhere

Google Ads campaign data usually collects trending search terms. Wonpy will be able to quickly identify and report those to you if they're a good for an SEO campaign!

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